The JLGB "Enterprise Award" replaced the well known JLGB Proficiency Badge scheme which has served the JLGB well for over 30 years.

The JLGB Enterprise Award for 11-14 year olds has 6 pillars of achievement which creates a balanced programme of exciting activities. Over two years in making, this cutting edge achievement and personal development programme is designed to meet the needs of today's generation of young Jewish children, as well as aligning it with the needs of the Jewish and wider community, and it is mapped to the Government Department for Children Schools and families' "Every Child Matters" Agenda.

The JLGB is delighted that each of the 6 fundamental pillars that make up the new Enterprise Awards has been endorsed by a major UK Jewish institution, once again putting the JLGB back at the forefront of Jewish youth provision.

The endorsements will be as follows for the six sections of the Enterprise Award:

  1. The Board of Deputies Award for Learning & Creativity Skills
  2. The CST Award for Active & Healthy Living
  3. The Jewish Care Award for Citizenship and Community Involvement
  4. The Norwood Award for Social and Emotional Wellbeing
  5. The Jewish Leadership Council Award for Leadership Development
  6. The UJIA Award for Jewish Identity

Integrated with the JLGB's National Open College Network accredited Leadership development programme for 14-18 year olds, the JLGB truly helps young people by providing a robust and relevant personal development programme for Jewish children, and young people.

This modern JLGB skill-set for young people forms the fundamental building blocks of how the JLGB helps to develop the next generation of Jewish children and young people, helping them as the JLGB Object says: "to become worthy and useful citizens and a credit to our country and community".