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Venue and Dates
The campsite is in England, near Colchester. Camp runs Sunday 28th July until Sunday 4th August for ages 11+ and from Sunday 28th July until Wednesday 31st July for school years 3 to 6.
Normally those from Glasgow will travel by plane, and everyone else by coach. International participants will receive their travel details separately. For more information see our our Travel Section.
We believe that no young Jewish person should miss out on JLGB activities because of financial constraints, and we will always do whatever we can to make sure that members can take part in any activity or event they choose.

Any JLGB members who have problems meeting the cost of camp can apply for financial assistance.

If you would like more information on financial assistance please contact Mrs Estele Miller on 020 8989 8990 before 30th April 2011, as assistance may not be available after that date.

All applications for financial assistance will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.
Skills Clubs
Camp is made up from a variety of different types of activity sessions, such as individual choice activities, group activities, whole camp activities and optional activities, and of course free time to relax with your friends. If you would like to have a say in what happens on camp, have a look at the programme page.
Evening Entertainments
Many people see the evenings as the best part of JLGB camps. See our Programme Section for more information.
Packing List
Suggested packing list
T-Shirts / Casual ShirtsLong Trousers / Jeans / ShortsJumpers
Boots / Shoes / TrainersSmart clothesUnderwear
Socks / TightsSwimwear / ShortsPyjamas / Nightdress
WaterproofsHat / Scarf / GlovesSunscreen Lotion
Hand/Shower TowelsToothbrush & toothpasteSoap / shampoo
Deodorant / Talcum PowderHairbrush / Comb / TissuesHangers
Sleeping Bag & PillowTorch / Spare BatteriesWater Bottle
Other clothing items (such as fancy dress) may be required for certain activities or entertainments - of which notice will be given prior to camp. Please ensure that all clothes are clearly labeled with your first name and surname. For information on how lost property is kept see our Terms & Conditions
With approximately 62 acres of well-maintained grass fields we can accommodate up to 350 visitors in large tents - sleeping up to 8 people (you will need to provide your own sleeping bag and pillow; mattresses and ground sheets are provided).
Site facilities include toilets and showers, dining rooms, a main hall and several large activity marquees.
Sharing With Friends
We will do our best to accommodate your requests so that you can share a tent with your friends. Please clearly indicate on your application form in the 'additional comments' the full name and local JLGB group of those you wish to share with.
First Timers and Young Participants
The "Fresher's Club" is open for all participants in year 6, 7 and 8 where our dedicated team of adult and young leaders will put on activities especially for our first-timers and young participants. This is a great way for people who are new to camp to meet people their own age and make friends as they find their feet. When you arrive, be sure to look out for the Fresher's team who will be waiting for you!
Religious Services
Summer Camp is a fully Kosher site and the programme is Shomrei Shabbat. There are also facilities available for daily prayer services and those who wish to take part should let the camp team know beforehand via their application form.
Bring A Friend
A limited number of places will be made available for non-members under the age of 16 who meet one of the following criteria:
  • Are from a community without a JLGB unit;
  • Are a friend of a JLGB member attending camp and have not attended 2 national camps;
  • Are a potential recruit to the JLGB and have not attended 2 national camps.
Discounts are available if you bring friends to camp. For more info click here.
Pocket Money
We recommend you bring maximum of £15 of pocket money to purchase from the vending machines or use in the payphone. Any money should be placed in a sealed envelope marked clearly with your name, and handed in to leaders on arrival at your pick-up point. Money can be withdrawn on a daily basis - with the exception of Shabbat. For information on pocket money see our Terms & Conditions
We have a dedicated security team, working closely with the CST, to make sure that you are kept safe whilst at camp. During the night leaders are never far away, emergency points and leaders tents are clearly marked.
Unnecessary cash or valuables, including jewellery, personal music equipment or mobile phones should not be brought to camp. Emergency phone numbers will be issued should parents need to contact their child whilst at camp. For information on valuables see our Terms & Conditions
Quartermaster's "Logistics" Department
Would you like to help with behind the scenes of camp running of camp, learning to set up audio visual equipment or supporting the kitchen staff? Those over the age of 14 years who wish to work with the Camp Quartermaster's Department should contact the Camp Quartermaster via JLGB HQ by emailing or by calling 020 8989 8990.
Welfare and Medical Services
Your health and happiness is our top priority. See our Health & Welfare Section for more information.
You'll never go hungry at JLGB Summer Camp. See our Food Section for more information.

If you have any unanswered questions,
please feel free to contact us