Travel to Camp

Your journey begins here…

The cost of JLGB Summer Camp includes transport from central pick-up points.* All participants are expected to travel on the transport provided. Any members wishing to travel separately must apply to the JLGB for permission to do so. No discount will be given for those who chose to make their own way to camp.

Anyone who is travelling to or from a place other than their home address must indicate this on their application form so that appropriate travel arrangements can be made.

The Central pick-up points are: (Subject to change)

  1. Hertfordshire - from Borehamwood
  2. Middlesex - from Edgware
  3. Essex - from Gants Hill
  4. The South - from Cheam
  5. Scotland - from Glasgow**
  6. North West - from Whitefield
  7. Yorkshire & North West - From Leeds***
  8. Midlands - from Nottingham*** or Birmingham*** (TBC)
  9. Wales - Cardiff

* Flights and train travel is not included for those attending camp from outside the United Kingdom. Once you have arrived in the UK we will liaise with you to work out your nearest pick-up point.
** Those travelling to camp from Glasgow must apply by the agreed deadline or they may incur additional travel costs.
*** Subject to the number of young people attending, Leeds will go to the 'North West' Pick-Up Point 6 and Nottingham & Birmingham will meet at a service station on the M1/M6.

Full travel details and times will be released by email approximately three weeks prior to Camp.

Please arrive at your pick up point at least 15 minutes prior to the departure time. We suggest that you bring a kosher milky snack and drink for the journey. JLGB leaders travel to and from camp with your children during the journey.