Welfare & Medical Care

Your happiness is our top priority!

We have a high ratio of leaders to members, plus leaders specifically designated for welfare and medical care - so there's always someone for you to go to if you have a problem, no matter how big or small.

The Medical Team will collect your medication on arrival and make sure you get it at the right times! And if you do feel unwell, there is a fully-equipped first aid room manned throughout the day. In the event of an emergency we have 24 hour care and we are registered with all local hospitals. If a child is taken to see a doctor or hospital for any reason parents/guardians are notified as soon as possible.

As part of our online application process every parent is required to complete the medical section for their child. The information provided is treated as completely confidential (please don't be embarrassed or worried to discuss any problems such as learning difficulties, bed wetting, shyness etc). We feel we can deal with almost anything as long as we are forewarned.

JLGB has many years of experience in dealing with sensitive issues and any welfare concerns will be addressed with care and confidentiality by our Welfare Team. Please inform us of any changes that occur after the form has been submitted i.e. divorce, family bereavement, or anything you feel may affect your child's well being at camp. We naturally treat any personal information with sensitivity and complete confidentiality.

At JLGB Summer Camp, you are in safe hands!